Gov’t says no to higher Berbice bridge tolls

-company warns of bankruptcy

The Berbice Bridge

Proposing hefty increases to current tolls in keeping with its contract with government, the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI) yesterday warned that the current APNU+AFC administration’s continued refusal of the hikes could lead to the company’s bankruptcy.

“The investors, who are almost every Guyanese through investments by the NIS [National Insurance Scheme], etcetera, are facing the distinct possibility that the company can go bankrupt,” Chairman of BBCI Surendra Persaud yesterday told a press conference that the company held at the National Communications Network (NCN) in Georgetown.

Dr Surendra Persaud

Persaud, who is also the Chairman of the NIS, said that while government had sent it no formal denial of the increases, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson told him that Cabinet did not approve the company’s proposal and that it must exhaust all avenues to make the fees feasible for commuters…..