Doctor complains about conditions at Baramita

Narash Torres

A doctor stationed at Baramita in the north west took to Facebook last Wednesday to voice his concerns about conditions in the area.

Doctor Narash Torres made a post on his Facebook page stating that he is putting a hold on his medical career due to the conditions under which he is forced to work.

The doctor in his post stated “Family, friends, colleagues and fellow Guyanese I wish to inform you that I will be putting my medical career on hold… reason being I am unable to practice as a medical doctor in my hinterland location…”

According to Torres, who refers to himself as a medical evacuation doctor, he was able to manage most of his critical patients via telephone. He went on to express his gratitude to his colleagues from the Georgetown Public Hospital and the paediatric department who aided in this area.

Torres noted in his post, “do we have to wait for a hurricane or earthquake to declare an emergency… which we all know are all impossible…”

He went on to declare that the health system in the hinterland is an emergency.

The doctor stated in his post that although he is putting his medical career on hold he does not want to be considered a quitter but simply wants persons across Guyana to know the constraints he along with his colleagues face every day.

When contact was made with Torres yesterday he said that he no longer wished to speak on the issue and that he has given up.

Baramita over the last few years has been the scene of major social problems include rape of children and alcohol abuse.

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