Future generations must be prepared for petroleum economy – Granger

The large gathering at the No.53 celebration (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

Emancipation Day was celebrated in grand style yesterday at the Number 53 Village, Corentyne, where President David Granger told the gathering that the future generations must be prepared to handle the petroleum economy.

 “We have to start thinking about the future, we have to start thinking about the type of education, the scientific and technical education that Guyanese students need to enable them to compete with other petroleum producing countries, “Granger highlighted during the feature address.

According to the president, Guyana’s future is bright but, “if we are not careful, we will lose the advantage that God has given us, a blessed resource.”

He added that Guyana must ensure that it does not fall in the hands of the wrong persons, as such the country must produce “… scientifically qualified people”.

The president further noted that every child should be in school, and in order to eradicate poverty throughout Guyana, citizens must ensure that children are able to benefit from a proper education. He stated that now is not the time for children to drop out or skip school but it is the time for education to be taken more seriously in villages.

Granger challenged the audience to take risks and become entrepreneurs. He said that there should be no reason for a young person to be “liming in the street corner when we have abundant land”.

Additionally, he highlighted that when the opportunities come in the “gold industry, the petroleum industry, the bauxite industry, the timber industry, you [must] have technically qualified men and woman” who can make use of them in order to develop themselves and the country.

The president also spoke of economic emancipation and employment, pointing out that “You must seek to employ yourself in your villages, in your community, in your Region”.

Granger also announced that 22 students would each receive a bicycle to assist with their travels to school.

Meanwhile, there was also a lavish exhibition of African heritage, which included arts, crafts, food, drumming. There was also drumming and metemgee cooking competitions. 

The programme, which was organized by the Ministry of Presidency in collaboration with the Berbice Association of African Groups, had a variety of cultural items and was attended by  Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally, Minister of Social Cohesion, George Norton, Minster of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Karen Cummings, along with Regional Chairman of Region Six, David Armogan, Regional Executive Officer of Region Six, Kim Stephens, Regional Executive Officer of Region Five, Ovid Morrison and other officials.



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