Granger delivered hard-hitting lecture on Emancipation eve

President David Granger speaking to the gathering (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

As the 180th Anniversary of Emancipation dawned in Guyana, President David Granger delivered a hard-hitting speech at Beterverwagting (BV) in which he implored those gathered not to be “slothful”, to desist from seeking “raises” and to get prepared for the oil economy.

“Do not be wicked and slothful, go out and use your talent to enrich yourselves and your children that is economic emancipation. No matter how much we sing and dance in the final analysis our lives will be determined by how we make our living. If we make our living by hanging around the corner and liming at the Guinness Bar, we will be forever poor but if we go into our farm, go into our workshop, go into our schools we will be able to bring prosperity,” Granger told residents at the 8th of May Movement’s `Cultural Night’  at the BV/Quamina Primary School, East Coast Demerara on Tuesday evening.

For 30 minutes President Granger gave economic advice to residents urging that they invest in boats, buses and bicycles rather than vodka, rum and gin…..