Gov’t, partners to meet CLE today on law school plans

- AG maintains permission was granted

Basil Williams

Ahead of a three-day Council of Legal Education (CLE) meeting that begins on Thursday, the business plan and feasibility study for Guyana’s proposed JOF Haynes Law School (JHLS) will be discussed by the government, its partners and representatives of the body, according to Attorney General (AG) Basil Williams SC, who yesterday maintained that Guyana was previously granted permission to establish its own law school.

Williams insisted during a news conference that things have passed the permission stage and that government has already submitted the documents that the CLE had asked for.

In January, 2017, government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Jamaica-based University College of the Caribbean and the Law College of the Americas for the construction of a law school. The approximately US$75 million investment, it was said, would end years of problems that local students have had entering regional law schools to complete their studies…..

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