Palm Court patron badly beaten while leaving club

Romario Baljeet

Police in ‘A’ Division are currently investigating an assault committed on a Palm Court patron during the wee hours of yesterday, Commander of the Division, Marlon Chapman confirmed.

On Sunday morning, patron Romario Baljeet, 21, of Eccles, East Bank Demerara was brutally attacked by another patron of the club as he was exiting.

While no official details were released from the police enquiries, the victim in a Facebook post which was widely circulated claimed that he was beaten by his attacker with a gun. In the post, he stated that the security at the night spot did nothing to prevent the attack from occurring.

Baljeet claims he was attacked after he walked through a group that comprised the attacker and his friends.

After being brutally beaten, Baljeet was rushed to a private city hospital by his friends and admitted. At the hospital he received several stiches to his face.

The family of Baljeet is calling for justice as they note it is not the first time the attacker has been involved in such incidents.

In confirming that an investigation has been launched, Commander Chapman said appropriate action will be taken when the investigation has been completed.







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