No more noisy events on Kingston foreshore – Ministry

File photo (2015)

Permission will no longer be granted for the Kingston foreshore between Fort Groyne and Camp Road to be used as a venue for entertainment and other social events that will likely generate noise above the permissible levels, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) says.

In a notice in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek,  MPI said that this prohibition includes all events that involve the use of loud audio and video systems, including those installed in motor vehicles and “events characterised by crowd-generated noise.”

As a result of the move by the Ministry, the notice also said that all approvals that were previously granted for such events have been annulled and that the organisers of those events have been duly notified of the annulment of their approvals and are advised to use alternative venues “and operate in conformity with applicable regulations for use of public spaces.”

“Members of the public are reminded that no unauthorised use of any sea or river defence reserve will be permitted. All persons and entities, including Government agencies desirous of utilising any section of sea or river defence reserve are required to apply to the Sea Defence Board for approval,” the notice added, while stating that failure to comply with the requirement will result in legal action against the violators involved, in conformity with the Sea Defence Act Cap 64:02 of the Laws of Guyana.

In another notice by the Ministry, it was stated that all persons or entities desirous of publishing advertisements or awareness notices on the concrete sea wall between Georgetown and Ogle are required to pay the applicable fees and comply with the requirements that are outlined in the guidelines for sea defence advertisements that were developed by the Sea Defence Board and approved by cabinet.

As a result, persons and private entities interested in publishing notices on the sea wall between Georgetown and Ogle are required to submit a written application to the Chairman, Sea Defence Board, Fort Street, Kingston. The application should provide sufficient information on the reasons for publishing the notice and also include a description of the content, whether text or image, of the notice along with an indication of the desired period for which the notice will be displayed.

All persons and entities who have existing notices and advertisements are also required to make contact with the Chief Sea and River Defence Officer so that the necessary payment arrangements can be established.  

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