Five to stand trial over murder of Williamsburg phone card dealer

Five men earlier this week were committed to stand trial at the High Court in Berbice for the murder of Danian Jagdeo, a Williamsburg phone card dealer in 2017, following a preliminary inquiry before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whim Magistrate’s Court.

In February 2017, the five men; Mark Dhuman, 22, a businessman of Lot 109 Nigg Settlement, Corentyne; Abdul Andre Azimullah, 34, a cattle farmer of Lot 183 Hampshire Village; Abdul Zahir, 28, a cane harvester of New Scheme, Adelphi Village, East Canje; Shannon Batson, 24, a livestock farmer, of Topoo, Corentyne and Satesh Budhram, 19, a painter of Lot 70 C Hampshire Village, Corentyne, had all appeared at the Whim Magistrate’s Court where they were charged jointly with murder.

The case was prosecuted by Police Prosecutor, Phillip Sheriff.

Stabroek News was told, that on Monday, Batson behaved disorderly in court.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo’s wife, Mary Jagdeo, who was present in court for the ruling on Monday explained, that she instantly became emotional. “I was satisfied with the ruling. I think the magistrate did a great job and the prosecutor, I think both did an excellent job and I am pleased but it was very emotional”.

The widow has been present for all of the court dates at the Whim Magistrate’s Court.

The woman stressed, that she will also be following the court case closely at the High Court.

Mary, a teacher, is now the single mother of a 14 year old, 12 year old, 10 year old, 5 year old and a 1 year old.

Mary was pregnant with her one year old when Jagdeo was murdered.

On February 8, Danian Jagdeo, 36, of Lot 12 Section G, King’s Street, Williamsburg Village, Corentyne, left his home before dawn to ply his trade as a phone card distributor. Jagdeo, who supplies phone cards to store owners on the entire Corentyne up to Crabwood Creek, was making a stop at a shop located on the main road of Adventure, Corentyne, around 3:30 pm, when a man wearing a hat in an attempt to hide his face entered. Jagdeo became suspicious and asked the shopkeeper if she knew the man. She said no and the man then whipped out a gun and fired a shot.

According to reports, a scuffle ensued between Jagdeo and the gunman, who shot him twice. The bandit then grabbed Jagdeo’s bag and ran outside, where his accomplice, who wore a full face helmet, was waiting for him on a stolen motorcycle. The two men rode to Friendship, Corentyne, where they left the motorcycle and were then picked up by a silver-coloured car. The men then drove to Springlands, Corentyne but then turned around and proceeded back to Rose Hall Town.

Within days, investigators were able to arrest the five men who they believe were behind the robbery/ murder.

Then Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam, had spearheaded the investigation.

According to the autopsy, Jagdeo died due to shock and haemorrhaging. Two warheads were removed from his body during the autopsy.

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