Teen traumatised after being dragged by robbers

Some of the injuries the teen sustained to her face during the attack.

A Garnett Street, Newtown, Kitty teen, who was attacked and robbed by two men who dragged her for some distance resulting in serious injuries to her face about two weeks ago, remains traumatised and the police are yet to apprehend the perpetrators.

The teen’s mother, who asked to remain anonymous, explained to Stabroek News that the incident took place at around 6.30pm on December 6 at the corner of Garnett and Delph streets, Georgetown shortly after her daughter had exited a minibus.

She said the teen was at the time returning home after visiting her grandmother when she was approached by two men on a motorcycle, one of whom was armed with a gun.

The men, the mother said, attempted to relieve the teen of a bag she had around her shoulder. The bag contained an electronic tablet.

However, after experiencing difficulty in accessing the bag, the woman said, the assailant with the gun struck her daughter to her forehead with the weapon.

This resulted in her falling onto the roadway. Despite this, the gunman continued his efforts to access the bag.

 “….You know these strap bags we wear over the shoulder? That was burst so she (the teen), strap it to the keyring, the keyring holder so when he (the gunman) pull it, it’s like it give he a hard time so that’s how he drag her and her face got the marks,” the woman explained.

The men subsequently fled.

The police were alerted and the teen was transported to the hospital.

However, the mother said, the family knew nothing until after receiving a call from the injured girl some two hours after the incident.

“She was unconscious when they (the police) carry she at the hospital and left she. So when she catch she self, she ask the guard for a call and she call her aunty who had a number long that she remember and that’s how we know,” the mother further explained.

The teen was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital for two days, after which she was sent home.

However, she remains traumatised and had to be sent to a relative’s home where she is currently recovering. “….One night, two night when she hear the bikes, like she just ‘you hear the bike, you hear the bike deh round about the area’,” her mother said, describing the teen’s reaction to the sound.

The incident was captured on surveillance footage which was reportedly handed over to the police.

However, the mother said the last she heard from the police was that they were unable to identify the men because the image was blurry.

“They (police) said they look at the footage but it was blurry so they can’t identify the men,” the woman said.

A police source said that the investigation into the matter is still active.

While she is demanding justice for her daughter, the teen’s mother stressed that robberies in the area are prevalent, especially during the nights.

“The streets have no street light, so the place dark and it got a lesson (place) nearby so they does wait till it over and they does taken advantage from these children who does have they phones and so,” the woman said.

“I want the police to catch these people because they are overdoing it,” she added.

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