Trinidad: Two alleged murderers shot dead in revenge by masked gunmen

Erique “Bread” Lochin (left) and Kerwin “Totes” Williams

(Trinidad Express) TWO men were shot and killed around midday in Arima yesterday in what the police said were revenge killings for a murder allegedly committed by the two on Saturday.

Police said the victims, Kerwin “Totes” Williams and Erique “Bread” Lochin, both of Pinto Road, Arima, were liming near their homes when they were ambushed by masked gunmen who ran after and shot the two men, who died at the scene.

Williams and Lochin were suspects in a murder that took place on Saturday.

In that case, Brent Edwards, of Malabar, ignored a warning issued to him by Williams and Lochin not to enter Pinto Road or he would be shot.

Police said Edwards went to check his girlfriend who lives in the area, but while leaving, his car broke down.

Police said while he was attempting to get it started two men on bicycles stopped alongside him and opened fire, killing him on the spot.

Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations into the two incidents. Yesterday’s killings took the murder toll for the year to date to 458.

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