Sandra Adams’s life was committed to the service of the people

Dear Editor,

The community of Linden, Region Ten, the PNCR family and the immediate family, have lost a phenomenal woman in Ms Sandra Adams.

Editor, I pen this letter with a heavy heart, for it is always difficult to construct words to truly capture the essence of a woman whose life was committed to the service of the people, her party and country, with an unrelenting fervour.

We not only mourn and prepare to bid farewell to our dear friend, colleague, mentor and comrade, but we also celebrate a life well lived. As a young politician under the tutelage and leadership of Ms Adams in the region, my local and world view of politics was enhanced with remarkable speed. I got to discover that service to the people is a never-ending task, and at times can be a lonely road. I learnt to accept that irrespective of how much you do or give there will always be the dissatisfied, the disappointed and the disgruntled; you will encounter people who will never be pleased and will always be critical and ever ready to oppose for opposing’s sake. There are too those who are forever thankful, even for the littlest of things, and this is why you keep on.

I have learned that politics and people are not always what they may appear, but despite that, stay true to who you are and hold on to the principled position of giving service to the people. “Figgy, is years I deh in this thing boy,” Ms Adams would say, with her usual big bright smile.

She was a Lindener, an activist, leader, patriot, friend and comrade, whose presence was always felt and could not be ignored, and whose contributions were transformative and developmental. Her approach to certain situations at times was unorthodox, unconventional and even confrontational, but her intentions were always for the betterment and the development of her people and community.

Her effervescent personality and stylish sense of dress commanded an audience’s attention wherever she went. Linden, Region Ten, the PNCR and Guyana will miss her.

Yours faithfully,

Jermaine Figueira, MP

Region Ten

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