Michael Parris should be Guyana’s flag-bearer for the 2020 Olympics

Dear Editor,

For as long as I can recall, I have always followed international sport, and I will admit, it’s the Olympic Games which are very close to my heart for many reasons. The opening ceremony is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences, especially if you are the one walking out carrying the flag of your country.

To date, the following persons have been flag-bearers on behalf of Guyana:

1972    Munich, Germany                              Gordon Sankies

1984    Los Angeles, USA                                  Earl Haley

1988    Seoul, Korea                                         Alfred Thomas

1992    Barcelona, Spain                                 Aubrey Richmond

1996    Atlanta, USA                                         John Douglas

2000    Sydney, Australia                                Aliann Pompey

2004    Athens, Greece                                   Aliann Pompey

2008    Beijing, China                                       Niall Roberts

2012    London, United Kingdom                     Winston George

2016    Rio, Brasil                                               Hannibal Gaskin

As Guyana prepares to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, I call on the Guyana Olympic Association to consider Bronze Medallist, Michael Parris for this distinction. He is the only person to date with an Olympic Medal for Guyana and on that basis, I believe he deserves the honour.

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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