Government is not taking any action against GTT

Dear Editor,

There are so many customers who keep complaining about the services being rendered by GTT, but no official of government or the relevant ministry appears to be taking any action to alleviate the sufferings of citizens. What a shame for a customer to be called upon to pay for telephone services they do not receive.

Over the past years I have had cause to complain on several occasions, have written about five letters to the CEO and have received not one reply.

Right now my telephone 233 – 2143 is out of order. It has been so since last Monday, 5th March. Reported on the 6th, they promised to fix same within 3-4 working days, but this morning I am told that I have to wait on their technicians calling. On several previous occasions I had to wait for 15 days, and now there is something new: you are being asked to pay for Replacement of Instruments, which was never in the original contract signed some 50 or 60 years ago.

I must say that this kind of service was never meted out to customers before; it is only about 2-3 years since new management took over. As I write I am still suffering because I need the use of my phone. We are told that some new services were in the pipeline, and when would this happen. In the meantime we must pay rental regardless of whether the telephone is in working order or not.

Government has been elected to represent our interests, so why does it not investigate; there are hundreds of complainants who just stopped complaining because they are getting no place. This GTT doesn’t appear to have any experienced administrators.

Yours faithfully,

M V Nasseer

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