Utterly disappointed at level of service from Region 4 authority

Dear Editor,

I am a Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police residing at Lot 234 Melanie Damishana in excess of 40 years. I have observed that the drainage system, in front of my residence, is blocked. This is affecting my fence and parapet as a result of the water not being able flow during the past years. As soon as it rains there is flooding. This blockage is due to a new concrete bridge built over a sunken concrete bridge at Lot 233 and a concrete fence constructed at Lot 236.  In August 2014, I verbally reported the situation to the Overseer at the Foulis/Buxton NDC and made an official report to the council on 6 January 2015. On 13 October 2015, I also reported the matter to the Regional Vice-Chairman at the Regional Democratic Council Triumph, East Coast Demerara. In the very month, October 2015, the Regional Vice-Chairman, and the NDC Overseer visited the site. Both persons returned to the location at a later date in 2015 and made what appeared to be some further checks. Then, in the latter part of 2017, the NDC Overseer again returned to the location with an Engineer.

Over the years I attended several NDC statutory council meetings and have attended every meeting from January 2018. To date, no feedback has been given and nothing has been done to remedy the situation. Several cleanings were done by the council but to no avail. At each meeting, it appears as though I have to start all over explaining myself.  In the meantime, my parapet and fence are deteriorating and need urgent attention. But I cannot do anything because the water level in the drain is at a permanent high and stagnant. Editor, as a senior citizen of my community and country, I am utterly disappointed at the level of service from the Region 4 authority.

I must also add that official reports were made to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure in 2016 and the Ministry of Communities in 2017. Both Ministries issued official letters to the Regional Chairman of Region 4 to look into the matter. No satisfaction was given to date.

Yours faithfully,

Letelle De Jonge

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