Too much appeasement of government

Dear Editor,

I believe we are approaching a critical juncture in our Nation’s journey, one that determines our future well-being. I sincerely believe that the Cybercrime Bill of 2016 has revealed the true character of the Granger administration and its Authoritarian ambition. Our very freedom of speech is under attack by our government. The charge is being led by a President who eroded all goodwill and trust when he made that awkward attempt at Machiavellian manipulation in appointing Justice James Patterson (retired) as Chairman of GECOM.

The evidence of His Excellency’s disingenuousness during the GECOM appointment process was clear for all to see, and yet when it comes to calls for appointments of the important Judicial posts of Chancellor and Chief Justice, the Guyana Human Rights Association and Transparency Institute of Guyana both engaged in appeasement by seeking to apportion blame for the delay with the Leader of the Opposition, who in observance of the ‘once bitten, twice shy’ maxim, is being cautious in his engagement with President Granger.

The pattern of appeasement runs deep in our national psyche, Educator Sherene Noble explores this extensively on her blog ( a must read for those truly interested in Education reform. Noble says “I believe that authoritarianism in education actually inhibits self-efficacy, making one less capable of functioning effectively in a Democracy.”  In the three years since the Coalition was elected to office, there have been numerous opinions offered on their performance that reek of appeasement, in the bond rental scheme they were ‘just like’ the PPP, in the bypassing of the procurement process for drug purchases they were ‘acting like’ the PPP. In fact they have rapidly emptied our nation’s coffers; put us is a position where we are beholden to ExxonMobil, an American Corporation not known for largesse; displayed utter disregard for the democratic rules of engagement with the Opposition and yet many still seek to appease.

Now is the time for those who value freedom and who care about our Nation’s future to vigorously oppose the further erosion of our rights as citizens; oppose the ‘downward trajectory’ of our finances; oppose the blatant corruption being practised.

Yours faithfully,

Robin Singh

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