Ramadan programme not being aired on time

Dear Editor, 

‘CIOG Ramadan Insights’ a 30 minutes programme produced and presented by CIOG is scheduled to be aired on the television station contracted at 4 am daily during this special Month.

This time is important as Muslims prepare to observe the rituals of the Month which also involves fasting.

The Programme gives valuable information, inspirational talks on the Month among other features and so its broadcast at that time is appropriate.

However, the programme is often times not aired at the scheduled, contracted time since the station does not sign on timely.

For instance, Tuesday,  the second day of Ramadan the station signed on at 4.52 am.

Last year it was the same situation.  The number of times  the same station signed on timely so the programme was aired at the scheduled time could have been counted on the fingers of one hand.

Editor, to broadcast the programme after its scheduled time, when there is no apparent reason for this, such as blackouts, or technical breakdowns, other than late sign on of station,  defeats the intended purpose of the programme.

It is unacceptable  that the station contracted to provide a service cannot put systems in place to ensure its timely and prompt delivery knowing its importance at this time.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed

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