A big thank you to Paul Harris

Dear Editor,

A “big thank you” for Paul Harris’ daily offerings of Politikles and his other works.  They are a salve for one’s battered spirits, victims of the daily blows of depressing news. 

Please help to preserve our sanity with Harris accompanied by the comics on the front page, especially the irreverent Andy Capp and of course Curtis – his mom’s “Sugar Chips” warmed the soul.

Okay, we know that may all be a tall order but at least for now let’s have them on Saturdays and fill that hole in our lives, a day without the comics is not easy.

Paul’s “cupcakes” around mid June is an absolute gem; so Paul, keep putting it all in context and perhaps break down some of the barriers to a happier Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Albert Rodrigues

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