Attempts being made to tarnish Mr Harbhajan

Dear Editor,

Nearly a month ago I penned a letter to the press complimenting Mr Gobin Harbhajan on his stance against corruption by AFC members in Berbice.

I had said that, ‘It was historic to read that Mr Harbhajan actually stood up at the RDC Statutory meeting and vowed that he will never support corruption regardless of which political party is involved. This was what he said: “I don’t care which political party this contractor supports, I want this matter to be raised at the highest level; and if found guilty, he should receive the full penalty of the law; because we have been talking about corruption, now we actually have the proof”.  This is how our politicians must react, with clear unambiguous statements.

I also knew at that time that AFC members were running amok and were involved in a myriad of unsavory practices. I had said in my previous letter `that some of them can be seen with AFC Ministers parading in Region 6 and on television programmes. But Mr Gobin Harbhajan stands out as a beacon of honesty and truth within the AFC and has done more for the people of Region 6 even when compared with his employer.’ Today the corrupt activities include the extraction of monies for contracts, granting of land, import licences, building of streets and other infrastructural works.

Fortunately, Mr Harbhajan is an honest politician whose main thrust is to assist his fellow human beings and a person’s political affiliation has no influence or outcome on his work. I had realized then that it would not be too long before he would be subjected to the most blatant and vengeful attacks from these people. Then I saw the letter in the press attacking Mr Harbhajan for allegedly using his office to do his private work and I knew that I was correct in my conclusion. I visited his office a few times and I noticed that everyone must state their business at the front desk where their names and other information are recorded so it will not take a Sherlock Holmes to decipher whether the allegation against him is true or not. Furthermore, the office does not even have a printer. I lived around where Mr Harbhajan lives and is fully aware that his wife does form-filling at an office at their home.

These AFC misfits are bent on performing the last rites of their Party which died a long time ago and I am sure that they are hell bent on enjoying the ‘benefits’ they can glean out their association while singing the inevitable swansong.

Yours faithfully,

Rohit Persaud

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