Councillor Jordan has made a tremendous contribution to both his party and country

Dear Editor,

I write this letter to reflect on a man I considered a great community worker, politician, and citizen. A few day ago, I learned that former Mayor of Georgetown, and Georgetown City Councillor Ranwell Jordan passed away. I was both shocked and saddened by this news. Ranwell Jordan was a man of great political depth and experience. He was one of the PNCR’s most loyal, dedicated and committed members. I had known Comrade Jordan from the time I joined the PNCR, many years ago. He was an inspiration to many of the young people in the party. It was people like Mr. Jordan, whose activism and outspoken character, left a lasting impact on many of the party’s youth. During my time in the GYSM, many of us, GYSM members, often found Councillor Jordan’s congress or general council presentations as useful topics of discussion.

Comrade Jordan was a great debater who spoke with passion and conviction on matters he believed were important to the PNCR and Guyana. He articulated his views with great confidence and persuasion. Ranwell Jordan was one of the people you could have counted on to lead party discussions on many issues. At congresses or general council meetings he was one of the early speakers. Very poised and focused he stood at the microphone with his note pad or exercise book with all his points well itemized. There were times when he jokingly said, in that deep tantalizing voice, “young Comrade Lurlene I would let you speak before me but don’t take up all the time, you know I have some points to raise” then he would give that little chuckle. Mr. Jordan formed that base of party elders that encouraged young comrades to own issues and speak out. He was always commending and encouraging us as we took on various kinds of leadership roles in the party. He gave his thoughts and advice when he deemed necessary. Mr. Jordan loved the GYSM and supported us in many of our activities. He spoke upliftingly about the youth and often spoke of their importance. He was a passionate defender of the PNCR and its policies, and he believed in the members of the party. The Agricola PNCR group is known as one of the largest PNCR groups in Georgetown. This is a group that has come to be known as “Mr. Jordan’s group”, since he led and nurtured this group for many years.

Cde. Jordan had a strong sense of commitment to community work as such the community of Agricola was more than just a home to him. He looked out for Agricola and sought ways to help it. A few years ago, when the Youth Coalition for Transformation decided to launched a literacy and numeracy project in Agricola. Mr. Jordan immediately became a key partner in the project. He assisted us in many ways, and was excited that Agricola was singled out for this special learning initiative. Councillor Jordan helped us to secure a building to teach these young children and he was the main person in helping to get many of the parents on board. I recalled him giving me phone numbers of parents to contact in order to have their children attend the programme. On the opening day of the project he was one of the main speakers. He kept up with the programme from the start to its end, and served as a pillar of support for it. He checked in with me to see which child might have been absent or showed up late. He needed to know this in order to reach out to the parent immediately, or provide us some suggestion on how we might be able to better help the specific child. Mr. Jordan was the epitome of community activism. He cared for the people of his community, especially the children.

Mayor Ranwell Jordan will be remembered as a PNCR stalwart, who was truly worth his salt. He was humble and respectful to everyone. Councillor Jordan has made a tremendous contribution to both his party and country. He was a true patriot and an example of a good citizen. The PNCR has lost a great comrade, the Agricola community has lost a great leader. My sincere condolences to his family, and friends. Comrade Jordan has made his mark, he has left a great legacy. I trust that we find a way to memorialize him and preserve his contribution to Guyana and his community, Agricola.

 May his soul rest in peace.

Yours faithfully,

Lurlene Nestor

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