Let defaulters provide services in lieu of city taxes

Dear Editor,

As the city of Georgetown celebrates its 175th Anniversary, greetings are extended to the Mayor, City Counsellors, and general staff.

We are all aware of ongoing challenges faced by the Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown (M&CC), but that is not the focus of this writing.

What I would like to suggest are two probabilities for relief to the council particularly by entities who have outstanding rates and other forms of indebtedness to the council. Of course, what I’m about to suggest will require structured management and accountability to avert possible abuse or corruption.

The M&CC’s massive cleanup in observance of this special anniversary began last week; with parapets being weeded, the clearing of vegetation from drains, and desilting of canals within some wards and extensions of the city. However, the waste from these exercises was left piled on the sides of some roads. As I write, this is the current situation along Dennis Street and some sections of Pattensen and South Turkeyen.

My suggestion is for Council to consider having those defaulting taxpayers, particularly businesses, assist in the removal of the piled refuge under some sort of barter arrangement. Some of these businesses, while lamenting their inability to pay outstanding taxes, may have the resources or alternate means to support the council.

Another observation is the absence of signs reflecting road names, in several sections of the city. Some roads have lost their initial name signs over the years, while others seem to have never been officially named.

Some rate-indebted businesses could be approached to stand the cost of placing or replacing road name signs.

They could also subscribe to adopt certain unkempt streets by providing maintenance, under council’s supervision and assessment, as a deductible in lieu of owed taxes.

Such an approach would improve aesthetics in extensions of the city, reduce disposal and maintenance costs to the M&CC, while offsetting their bad debts.

We must find ways, whether established or innovative, to improve conditions in this city.

Yours faithfully,

Orette Cutting

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