Junior Forrester fund raising football series kicks off today

The inaugural Junior Forrester Fund Raising Benefit Football series will commence today at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, Bourda.

The event, which is being coordinated by the Alex Bunbury Sports and Academic Academy (ABSAA) and Next Generation Entertainment, is being staged to fund an U19 Tour in July. In the opening fixture at 16:00hrs, Curtez Kellman’s U20 side will oppose Jeremy Garrett’s U20 team in the Future XI Exhibition clash.

At 18:00hrs, the Veterans Exhibition affair will take centre stage when the Dion Barnwell led All-Stars team opposes the Anthony Stanton All-Stars.

The marquee match of the night will pit the Anthony Abrams led All-Stars against the Gregory Richardson All-Stars from 20:00hrs.

Richardson’s team will comprise Abassi Mcpherson, Eon Alleyne, Quincy Adams, Delon Lanferman, Anthony Benfield, Eusi Phillips, Akel Clarke, Jeremy Garrett, Curtez Kellman, Kelsey Benjamin, Cecil Jackman, Delroy Fraser, Delwin Fraser, Selwin Issacs, Keron Solomon, Travis Grant and Jermaine Junior.

Abrams’s squad consists of Daniel Wilson, Colin Nelson, Solomon Austin, Vurlon Mills, Kester Jacobs, Trayon Bobb, Andrew Murray, Sheldon Holder, Leon Grumble, Alex Murray, Richie Richard, Dennis Edwards, Kester Dundas, Delon Williams, Jahall Greaves, Elroy George, Simeon Hackett and Simeon “Shines” Moore.

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