Keep Ya Five Alive Futsal tourney set to commence in July

The 6th annual GT-Beer ‘Keep Ya Five Alive’ Futsal Competition will kick-off  July 7th at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

According to tournament coordinator Kevin Adonis, “The concept is one that I like it allows a team only one opportunity to play for the prizes and because of this all the teams come well prepared to play at a high level and so the fans are the real winners.”

He added, “I am working hard to make this possible and the first prize I have in mind is $600,000 which simply means that $100,000 is being allotted for each year that the tournament has been in existence.”

The tournament will comprise 32 teams emanating from the Georgetown, West Demerara, Linden and East Coast Demerara environs.

Among the notable teams set to compete are defending champion Gold is Money, losing finalist Future Stars, Sparta Boss, Bent Street, Leopold Street and Back Circle.

On the opening night of the event, Rhythm Stars will oppose Berbice Guinness of the Streets champion Trafalgar,while Broad Street will tackle Agricola.

The third fixture will pit Kingston against Swag Entertainment of Linden, while fellow Linden unit NK Ballers will take aim at Sophia.

In the final clash of the evening, Leopold Street will match skills with East Coast Demerara giant Melanie.

On July 12th, West Demerara champion Showstoppers will oppose  Buxton Diamond while East Coast Guinness champion Uprising will lock horns with Guinness of the Streets Linden winners, Silver Bullets.

In the third fixture, ESPN of West Demerara battles Beterverwagting (BV). This will be followed by the Ann’s Grove and North East La Penitence clash.

The fifth fixture will pit Tiger Bay against California Square while Tucville and Sparta Boss will face-off in the final showdown.

On July 14th, Upsetters and Albouystown will match skills in the opening clash while Future Stars will tackle Alpha Warriors and Back Circle will oppose Kitty Hustlers.

In the final two matches, Dave & Celena All Stars of Linden will engage the formidable Bent Street side while holders Gold is Money will tackle Alexander Village. The official launch of the tournament is expected to be staged shortly.

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