Alexander Village push Sparta Boss to elimination brink

Guinness Cage Street Football Championship

Jermaine Junior of Sparta Boss trying to maintain possession of the ball while being challenged by Leon Yaw of Alexander Village in front of a mammoth crowd at the Haslington Tarmac

Sparta Boss was placed on the brink of elimination in the Guinness Cage Street-ball Championship, after losing 1-3 to Alexander Village on Wednesday at the Haslington Market Tarmac.

 It was an inspired performance from veteran marksman Shem Porter in front of a mammoth crowd, as he recorded a hat-trick to dismantle the Spartans’ rearguard.

 Porter found the back of the net in the eighth, 12th and 14th minute, as Alexander Village sent a stern warning to the remaining teams. For the loser, Sheldon Shepherd scored in the fourth minute.

Leon Yaw of Alexander Village attempting to evade the impending challenge from Sheldon Shepherd of Sparta Boss, during their group clash at the Haslington Tarmac

 Sparta Boss must now win their final group fixture to remain in contention for an elimination berth. Meanwhile, defending champion Ol Skool Ballers edged host Haslington Hypers 4-3 on penalty kicks, after regulation time ended 2-2.

Beres Parkinson bagged a double for Ol Skool Ballers in the fourth and eighth minute, while Nicosie McLeod tallied a brace in the third and 12th minute.

 Similarly, Uprising edged Buxton Diamond 2-1 on penalty kicks, following a 1-1 scoreline at the end of regulation time. Shamar Scott netted for the eventual victor in the fifth minute, while Shamar Beckles initially handed Buxton the lead in the fourth minute.

 The tournament continues tomorrow with the final round of group matches.

Day-3 Fixtures

Broad Street vs Avocado Ballers-19:00hrs

Victoria Church Yard vs N/E La Penitence-19:20hrs

Leopold Street vs Paradise-19:40hrs

Sparta Boss vs Haslington Hypers-20:00hrs

Back Circle vs Melanie-B-20:20hrs

Tigerbay vs Albouystown-20:40hrs

Hustlers’ vs Victoria Eagles-21:00hrs

Alexander Village vs Ol Skool-21:20hrs

Buxton Diamond vs Vryheid’s Lust-21:40hrs

Blazers vs Melanie-A-22:00hrs

Plaisance vs Belfield-22:20hrs

Uprising vs BV-B-22:40hrs

Complete Results

 Win in Normal Time-3 points

Win on Penalty Kicks-2 points


BV-B-0 vs Vryheid’s Lust-0

Vryheid’s Lust won 2-1 on PK


Melanie-B-0 vs Plaisance-0

Plaisance won 3-2 on PK


Avocado Ballers-2 vs Paradise-0

Niandas Lyte-5th

Sylvester Richardson-9th


Back Circle-3 vs Belfield Warriors-0

Jermaine Beckles-4th

Akeemo Aaron-10th

Selwyn Williams-12th


Leopold Street-1 vs Broad St-0

Mark Jhalu-11th


Alexander Village-3 vs Sparta Boss-1

Alexander Scorer

Shem Porter-8th, 12th and 14th

Sparta Scorer

Sheldon Shepherd-4th


Tigerbay-2 vs N/E La Penitence-1

Tigerbay Scorers

Deon Alfred-4th

Godfrey Powers-11th

North East Scorer

Doliyh Green-13th


Blazers-4 vs Victoria Eagles-0

Desmond Cottam-3rd, 6th and 10th

Anthony Barrow-12th


Albouystown-2 vs Victoria Church Yard-0

Lennox Cort-2nd and 13th


Hustlers-5 vs Melanie-A-1

Hustlers Scorers

John Waldron-4th 6th and 9th

Sunny Sancho-11th and 13th

Melanie Scorer

Malachi Granum-10th


Ol Skool Ballers-2 vs Haslington Hypers-2

Ol Skool won 4-3 on sudden death PK

Ol Skool Scorer

Beres Parkinson-4th and 8th

 Haslington Scorer

Nicosie McLeod-3rd and 12th


Uprising-1 vs Buxton Diamond-1

Uprising won 2-1 on PK

Uprising Scorer

Shamar Scott-5th

 Buxton Scorer

Shamar Beckles-4th

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