Senior Nationals Powerlifting Championship 2018 set for December 2

Vijai Rahim and Carlos Petterson-Griffith will be ones to watch when the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) hosts its last statutory competition for 2018, the Senior Nationals Championships on December 2 at St Stanislaus College.

The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) will host its last statutory competition for 2018, the Senior Nationals Championships on December 2 at St Stanislaus College.

As customary, the championship is the most anticipated event for the GAPLF’s calendar of activities.

The flagship fixture of the federation will see gladiators vying for the Best Male and Female Lifter titles and will try to secure qualifying Wilks Totals to be shortlisted for the national team for upcoming international 2019 duties.

According to a release, for the first time in Guyana’s history, two women in the 84+ kg category will be competing for the title of Best Female Lifter.

Runita White, the best female lifter for Intermediates National Championship 2018 and Natoya Robinson, the best female lifter for Raw Nationals 2018 will take the platform by storm to claim additional deserving accolades.

The competition is scheduled to begin promptly at 10 am. Participating athletes for Flight A are required to be at the venue for 8 am sharp for weigh-in.

Weigh in will go no later than 9.30 am for Flight A athletes, so persons are urged to be there on time. Athletes for flight B will be weighed in from 11.30 hrs. 

Tickets cost $1,000 and can be purchased directly from GAPLF Executive Members, or Buddy’s Gym. The entrance fee at the door is listed at $1,500.

Athletes who are interested in competing for Senior Nationals 2018 are required to download their application from the GAPLF’s official Facebook page, for submission along with the required competition fees.

All registration forms and monies should submitted to GAPLF Committee Member, Martin Webster.

Alternatively, payment for this competition can be made directly to the Federation’s Bank Account – #6552194 – with a confirming screenshot of the completed registration form along with the confirming banking deposit slip, being electronically submitted to  Webster.

The Federation welcomes all families and friends to this event.

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