‘Lambi I’ to release two new videos

Lambert Semple

Having released a number of singles since going solo, former First Born singer and writer of the famous song “Dem Bounce Dem Head”, Lambert ‘Lambi I’ Semple, is sitting on two more.

His latest song videos “Brighter Side of Things’ and “Ruddy Gun Laddi” have already been recorded and produced and are just waiting for the Carnival hype to be over before they are released in two weeks’ time.

Both songs were recorded at DP Records and produced by Lambert’s label, Non-Parshall Entertainment.

“Ruddy Gun Laddi” is about a young man who grew up in the ghetto life. He tried to get jobs but could not find any and turned to a life of crime. He became a fugitive and found himself on the police’s wanted list. The song mentions that his mother and father tried to steer him in the right way but it was not enough to persuade him to do the right thing.

According to Lambert, “Ruddy Gun Laddi” targets the youths especially who believe in fast money and a life of crime and adds that it just goes to show that a life of crime could never give anyone peace of mind.

“Brighter Side of Things” highlights people of every walk of life with hardships but goes on to say that the Almighty never gives one more than one can bear. Lambert hopes to reach out to those in despair who might be contemplating suicide to encourage them that there’s a brighter side of life and that the situation they thought they could not overcome two years ago or six months ago, they were able to. “Life can turn around for us if we only have faith in the Creator,” the Reggae artiste said. The song was written five years ago while “Ruddy Gun Laddi” was written some 15 years ago and was recorded with Vizion Sounds in Jamaica.

Currently, Semple is working on another song video “We Ain’t Deh Pon Duh,” which was done through Brutal Tracks and is scheduled to hit airways in June. “Brighter Side of Things”, “Ruddy Gun Laddi” and “We Ain’t Deh Pon Duh” will be released on social media next week. The songs along with Lambert’s previous songs can be viewed on YouTube at Lambi I and on Facebook pages, Lambert Semple or I Lambi.

Plans are already in place for a new album comprising 13 singles scheduled to be released before the year is out.

Lambert’s last songs to have been released were “Woman and Children” in October of last year and “Old Man River”, which was done in collaboration with an artiste from Ghana called Black Rasta. “Flat Foot Hustler” was another of his songs that was released in 2017.

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