Bus topples into Vlissengen Rd trench

Passengers being assisted out of the bus after the accident while other persons look on.

A Route 44 (Georgetown to Mahaica) minibus, filled with passengers, ended up partly submerged in a trench along Vlissengen Road in the aftermath of an accident yesterday.

There were no serious injuries reported after the accident, which is said to have occurred after the bus swerved to avoid a collision with a car.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that the minibus, BLL 1949, was being driven by Aston Faithful south along the western lane on Vlissengen Road.

It is claimed that Barwick Brandy, the driver of the car, PWW 5365, was proceeding south as well and suddenly pulled in front of the bus, causing Faithful to apply brakes to avoid a collision. Instead, Faithful reportedly lost control of the bus, which toppled on the road before plunging into the trench along Vlissengen Road, between Barr Street and Shell Road.

Passengers, including a pregnant woman, were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital but they were all later discharged as they sustained no serious injury. After being discharged from the hospital, the two drivers were taken to the Kitty Police Station to assist with the police investigation. Both damaged vehicles were also lodged at the police station.

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