`Region Six health services in a bad state’ – AFC Councillor

Devin Sookraj

An Alliance For Change (AFC) Region Six councillor yesterday said that the region’s health system is in a bad state, as he noted that he has been receiving numerous complaints from persons who have suffered at the hands of the region’s health sector. As such he made a call for the Director of Regional Health Services, Jevaughn Stephens, to be disciplined.

The AFC regional councilor, Devin Sookraj, who mostly remains quiet during the region’s statutory meetings, yesterday lashed out after the region’s health committee report was presented and the council was made aware of several issues at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. Sookraj said, “Not in New Amsterdam alone, the whole Region Six in a bad state.”

He stressed that he has been receiving many complaints from patients about what they have endured at the health institutions throughout the region, “Health is one of the most important things and I will not sit here and see certain things go wrong.”  “The regional director of health needs to be disciplined,” said a seemingly upset Sookraj. ….

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