Critchlow Labour College gets computers via Mitsubishi grant

Critchlow Labour College

Ivor B. English (left) and Yohei Sasagawa, during the inspection of some of the equipment. (Terrence Thompson photo)

The informational horizon of the Critchlow Labour College has been considerably broadened, following the provision of computers, through a grant which was presented by the Mitsubishi Corporation on Tuesday.

Six laptops, five desktop computers and a photocopier, were presented to the college, during a presentation ceremony hosted at its Woolford Avenue and Thomas Lands, George-town location.

Attendees included the President of the Venezuelan Mitsubishi branch,  Yohei Sasagawa; Assistant Manager of Mitsubishi Project Development,  Christian Cappuccio; former advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rawle Lucas; staff members and students of the Critchlow Labour College…..

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