Bandits shoot, rob businessman in Regent St ambush

Selson Prescott

A 25-year-old businessman was shot yesterday afternoon in an attack by bandits, who robbed him of an undisclosed amount of cash along Regent Street, in Georgetown.

Selson Prescott, a resident of Century Palm, D’Urban Backlands, was shot once in his abdomen during the robbery, which lasted about four minutes.

He is currently a patient at a private hospital. His condition is listed as stable.

The two bandits who carried out the attack used a CG motorcycle for their getaway. Up to press time, they were yet to be apprehended.

Stabroek News understands that Prescott was proceeding on motorcycle CD 80 along the northern carriageway of Regent Street when he noticed the gunman disembark a motorcycle, which was parked on the opposite side of the road, and walk into his path, forcing him to stop.

The section of Regent Street where the robbery occurred

He then whipped out a firearm and demanded that Prescott hand over his bag, which was across his shoulder. The bag contained money. Prescott reportedly refused and a scuffle ensued between him and his attacker. During the scuffle, the gunman discharged a round which struck Prescott. He then escaped on the motorcycle with his accomplice.

When Stabroek News visited the scene yesterday, spots of blood were visible on the roadway.

Motorcycle, CD 80, which Prescott was riding at the time he was attacked.

Persons who were around at the time of the attack voiced their anger about it, while pointing to the need for more police patrols during the daytime.

“The motorbike that the boy [Prescott] was riding was coming from this way and then the thief men now come and jam he and suh he gon come off. He fall down and then the rider ride cross the road hay and park and the other one go to the man [Prescott], snatch off he bag and put two bullet in the man. He like stamp he down and shoot fah mek sure he loose the bag and run way,” an eyewitness, who wished not to be named, related to this newspaper.

She said the men escaped through Welling-ton Street.

The woman said she rushed to Prescott’s assistance after the robbers fled and tried to get him transported to the hospital. “Nobody ain’t want put he in they vehicle because ah all he blood…,” she said.

Prescott was later placed into a taxi and taken to the hospital.

He is the eldest son of the proprietor of city photo processing studio Pressy Enterprise.

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