Cattle farmer detained over death of West Berbice woman burnt in backyard

Bhagwandai Deonarine two years ago after she was beaten

A farmer is currently in police custody, being questioned on the death of the West Coast Berbice pensioner who died on Sunday, after being discovered alight in her backyard.

The body of Bhagwandai Deonarine, also known as ‘Deeda’, 69, of Plantation Hope, West Coast Berbice, was discovered on fire in her backyard on Sunday around 8 pm. A large portion of Deonarine’s yard was also discovered destroyed by the fire.

In a press statement issued early yesterday, the police had indicated that two men were brought in for questioning. Commander of B Division, Paul Langevine,  confirmed that one suspect was still in custody as of yesterday afternoon.

The detained man has been identified as a livestock and cattle farmer, of Plantation Rising Sun, West Coast Berbice. Reports suggest that the man would allow his cattle to graze on the deceased woman’s estate land…..

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