Demerara Mutual set to save millions by reducing paper use

Clarence Perry

Life insurance company Demerara Mutual is expected to save approximately $4.7 million this year after launching an initiative late last year to reduce the use of paper via new technological features, the company’s Mar-keting Manager Clarence Perry has said.

In October last year, Perry had explained that the launch of a revamped website, client portal and a document management system had resulted in the company embarking on a path to going green by applying ecofriendly business principles and significantly reducing their use of paper on a daily basis.

Giving an update on the progress of the initiative, Perry told Sunday Stabroek that since the launch, the company has noted a reduction in its printing and stationery costs, as well as the amount of money it spends to courier documents to its other branches in Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent…..

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