Sol Guyana staff continue manatee pond clean up

Despite the scorching sun, employees of Sol were very cheerful while cleaning around the manatee pond in the Botanical Gardens yesterday, in an annual exercise hosted by the Sol Guyana Inc. (Terrence Thompson photo)

Sol Guyana Inc yesterday hosted its annual manatee pond ‘CleanUp’ exercise.

Employees of the energy company gathered at the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown to clean in and around the pond yesterday as part of fulfilling the company’s corporate social responsibility.

In a press release, the company said that over the years it has participated in a number of initiatives in line with its environmental mandate and the event at the Botanical Gardens is one of many that the staff look forward to.

According to the release, this particular exercise was done as a result of the declining manatee population. General Manager of Sol, Liz Wyatt, said that Sol’s annual gesture helps call attention to these gentle giants, by making their holding area more aesthetically pleasing and therefore inviting to visitors.


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