Police recapture Enmore man held for armed robbery, rape offences

Kevin Wilkinson

Hours after escaping from police custody, an Enmore man was recaptured by ranks yesterday afternoon, Police Public Relations Officer Jairam Ramlakhan said.

The recaptured man, Kevin Wilkinson, 23, of 271 Hope/Enmore, East Coast Demerara, had escaped from lawful police custody yesterday morning. He was recaptured sometime around 5 pm, in close proximity to his residence, Ramlakhan said.

Wilkinson was being held by police on the offences of rape and robbery-under-arms, at the Cove and John Police Station.

Ramlakhan said a thorough investigation with respect to the circumstances surrounding the escape has since been launched by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

He further noted that two ranks are presently under close arrest.





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