Youth admits to robbing Land of Canaan gas station owner, sentenced to three years

A 22-year-old youth who was accused of robbing a Chinese national of $500,000, was yesterday sentenced to three years in prison after he admitted to the offence.

Shawn Bascom pleaded “guilty with explanation” to the charge, which stated that on June 9, at Falls Gas Station, located at the Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, while in the company of another, he robbed Zheng Teng Fei of $500,000 cash, which was the property of Chen Yeng, the owner of the Gas Station and before, after or during the said robbery, used personal violence on Fei.

In his explanation, Bascom stated that he had no intention of hurting anyone and was under the influence of alcohol. He told the court that he was unemployed for two weeks and he needed money. In addition, he said that the reason why he did it was because his grandfather was due to undergo surgery and he wanted to help pay the medical bills…..

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