Where is APNU+AFC’s evidence of corruption in the previous gov’t?

Dear Editor,

A lot has been said about corruption especially during the last General Election on 11th May 2015 yet nothing seems to have been done about corruption. It was claimed that hundreds of billions of Guyana dollars was “misappropriated”. Forensic audits were undertaken yet nothing seems to have happened in that there have not been largescale successful prosecutions.

Could it be that the APNU+AFC got it terribly wrong in claiming “corruption, corruption” during their election campaigns and started to believe their own propaganda? Could it be that the APNU+AFC then lied to their supporters and lied to the Guyanese Nation to get elected? The evidence (or lack of evidence), so far, suggests this is the case.

Clearly, nothing has been done about corruption other than those who once believed that corruption was taking place under the PPP/C Government are surprisingly silent now that they have a Government to their own liking in power.

Even before coming to power the APNU+AFC had to have some evidence before screeching “corruption, corruption”.

Where is the evidence?

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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