What are the authorities doing about the missing fare structure in Region Two minibuses?

Dear Editor,

On May 29, 2019, I caused a letter to appear in the newspapers in which I pointed—among other things—to the absence of the fare structure in the minibuses of Route #21 in Region Two (Pomeroon – Supenaam) on the Essequibo Coast, as required by law. For many, this is the most important clause as it pertains to the Minibus Code of Conduct.

I was told that there was a Minibus and also a Hire Car Association, which may now be defunct or not functioning effectively. But whether that is so or not, these buses, as per the law, must have a fare structure displayed, so the public can be informed of the cost of using this very important means of transportation.

The big question is what is the police force in this region doing? Or what does it intend to do about this breach of the law which is only to the benefit of the owners, drivers and conductors?

I have been informed by an article in the Sunday Stabroek of  June 9, on page 17, that the Bartica minibus operators donned their uniform recently, which is good.  The Guyana Police Force, the Ministry of Business, the Road Safety Council— what are they doing with regards to this long existing problem in Region Two? The people of this region are renowned for their hospitality and not aggression, but sometimes we do say that enough is enough.

Yours faithfully,

Archie W. Cordis

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