Road Map: Expert Opinion and Guyana’s Creaming Curve support prediction of 13 to 15 billion barrels of oil reserves


Last week I addressed two of the four lines of justification, which I advance in support of my bullish prediction of 13 to 15 billion barrels for Guyana’s oil reserves. These two lines were: the “Atlantic mirror image theory” of Guyana’s petroleum geology and two US geological assessments of the Guyana-Suriname Basin’s petroleum potential. Today, I address the two remaining lines, namely: other bullish expert opinion and Guyana’s “creaming curve.” Section I provides a small recent sample showing the range and authority of global expert opinion, with a similarly bullish outlook. This opinion stands in stark contrast to the manufactured “doom and gloom,” which infests local commentary and its echo chambers. Section 2 addresses the creaming curve.

Section 1: Bullish Expert Opinion


1. Drilling Offshore

The December 3rd, 2018 issue of Drilling Offshore cites petroleum expert Luiz Hayum’s claim: “With about 17 projects still to drill [Guyana] will easily become the fourth largest oil producer within the Americas by the end of the next decade, if Venezuela and Mexico’s production decline continues.”….

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