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Culinary Delights II ( Georgetown : The Women’s Club of the Indian Cultural Centre) ‘Fainting Imam’ is the name of one of the interesting recipes in Culinary Delights II, the second edition of a collection of recipes edited by the Women’s Club of the Indian Cultural Centre of Guyana.

Pet Corner

Let’s get one thing straight: Heartworm in dogs (cats) should only be treated by a qualified veterinarian.

Eye Issues

My sister woke up yesterday and the left side of her face is droopy and the eyelid is closing down.

Guyana and the wider world

Today’s column considers the (ab)use of forestry concessions as tradable commodities by Asian FDI-benefiting (Foreign Direct Investment) companies, practices that are against forest law and policy in Guyana.


The Ukranian chess player Vasily Ivanchuk, who keeps climbing in and then being thrown out of the world’s top ten, gives a splendid performance in the following game.

Man robbed of $9M at Alexander Village

Police are investigating a $9M robbery at Alexander Village which occurred on Thursday last, but have complained about not getting very far because of a lack of adequate information from the victim.

Brazil ethanol investor still awaiting information

Brazil’s second largest producer of bio-diesel, Bio-Capital, is still awaiting detailed information on policies and practices from the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) in order to move ahead with a proposed investment for sugar cane cultivation and ethanol production.