A chequered past

Dear Editor, In a letter dated April 6 to SN by Dr Cheddi Jagan (Jr) captioned ‘The Portuguese should be proud of their past,’ he gave an expose of the many achievements of Portuguese kings, master sailors, navigators and explorers who through their exploration and navigational skills have given us all a better understanding of the modem world, and Portuguese wherever they are should indeed be proud of their contributions in these and other respects.

Why can’t we limit the number of times a writer can win the Guyana Prize?

Dear Editor, According to Secretary of the Guyana Prize for Literature Al Creighton (‘Arrangements are in progress for the Guyana Prize 2010’ SN, May 1) “The Guyana Prize for Literature was created to promote good literature in the Caribbean in general and Guyana in particular, to encourage the growth of the literature and to celebrate and reward the best of it.” This mandate is made difficult if, as Mr Ruel Johnson argues, the prize is biased towards overseas-based Guyanese, and according to Rev Gideon Cecil, it is open season for past judges and administrators who have the unfair advantage of perspective.

Congratulations to President Jagdeo

Dear Editor, Congratulations to the President on the receipt of the UNEP Champion of the Earth Award, 2010. We, the members of the Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of Oaths to Affidavits Association heartily congratulate President Bharrat Jagdeo on the receipt of the award.

After seven months the Minister of Labour still refuses to act

Dear Editor, With respect to Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir’s comments carried in the article, ‘Nadir defends handling of bauxite row’ (SN, May 1, 2010), the Minister reportedly said, “in exercising his responsibilities in the dispute, he has had to do so with regards to all workers, including those who applied for de-recognition of the union, those who are on the job and are not on strike, those who believe that they have been wrongly dismissed, and those who are in the leadership of the recognised union.”  Here is the truth: 1.