Dancehall producers and artistes need to clean up their acts

Dear Editor, Change is inevitable .

The gov’t has failed over 17 years to attract the Diaspora back home

Dear Editor, In his October 6 propaganda missive, `Contrary to what the newspapers report, Guyana is on the move,’ Dr .

The gov’t must act to protect the people of Alexander Village

Dear Editor, With reference to a letter from the members of the Alexander Village Vishnu Mandir pleading for help from their Government, Professor Patrick Fagan has demonstrated that “regular religious practice is both an individual and social good .

Let us all close our eyes, plug our ears, stifle our thoughts and just believe

Dear Editor, Guyana has entered a Golden Age of governance .

Mr Williams must cite where use of deadly force by police is inscribed

Dear Editor, I must confess that at the first reading of Mr .

Ms Adams gave the impression that the upheaval of the sixties came out of thin air

Dear Editor, In her pathetic Part 2 effort to re-write Guyana’s history in the October 8, 2009 edition of SN, Estherine Adams noted, “The spate of social upheavals during the period of 1962 to 1964 had made British Guiana ungovernable and militated against the grant of independence for the country prior to 1966 .

Alexander Village Mandir pleading with authorities for protective measures on Diwali night

Dear Editor, The Alexander Village Mandir, located at the corner of Third and Cross sts .

The issue is the discriminatory way the gov’t treats bauxite as compared to sugar

Dear Editor, Aslim Singh, of the Research Department, Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union in his letter `Lewis’ agenda of disdain for the sugar industry can no longer be hidden’ (KN October 9, 2009) continues the misrepresentation of issue .

Mr Lewis was charged in his capacity as Secretary to the CLC board

Dear Editor, The Guyana Trades Union Congress, owner of the Critchlow Labour College wishes to state that onWednesday, October 7, 2009 Lincoln Lewis, Secretary of the Board of Governors, Critchlow Labour College appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate, Melissa Robertson, in Court One of the Georgetown Magisterial District on charges brought against the College by the Ministry of Labour that the College did not pay wages to Clifford Blackette and Audrey Hinds for services as part-time lecturers .

Volunteer vets helped spay, neuter animals in low-income areas

Dear Editor, Veterinarian Raymond Deonanan and nurse N .

Guyana’s baulking on cement tariff can undermine rice industry Guyana’s baulking on cement tariff can undermine rice industry

Dear Editor, I find it strange that Guyana is not following the ruling of the CCJ and not reinstating the CET on cement .

The Lamaha St trench is badly polluted

Dear Editor,I am appealing to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and the Georgetown City Council to investigate the possible cause of the  water in the Lamaha Street trench being black and stink for months .

Camp and Lamaha should be site for Cubana monument

Dear Editor, It is surprising that after all these years and two different governments there is still no monument for the Cubana air disaster victims .

The PPP has not lived up to word on presidential powers

Dear Editor,In 1992, the PPP under the leadership of Dr .

The state of Leonora Park decimates Dr Randy Persaud’s claims

Dear Editor,Dr Randy Persaud in his letter, `Contrary to what the newspapers report Guyana is on the move,’ (SN 10-06-09), wrote, “Guyana is on the move .

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