A Valentine’s tale

Dear Editor, Emile Mervin’s letter in SN on February 13 (‘If there are no reforms within the PPP and PNC…’) is not even worth replying to as he is obviously engaged in AFC propaganda.

National pride

Dear Editor, A letter writer in Saturday’s SN bemoans the tattered flags which adorn two government buildings in NA (‘Battered flags should be replaced,’ February 13).

We should not replace the principal role of the military even as it undergoes changes

Dear Editor, Regarding the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ expression of “deep concern” about revelations of an alleged plan to invade and occupy Guyana’s New River Triangle by persons in Suriname, she and the government need to be assured that the Alliance For Change will support any lawful action taken to secure, protect and defend Guyana’s territorial integrity.

NICIL is in violation of the law

Dear Editor, Ram & McRae in its Budget Focus 2010 drew attention to one example of the subversive manner in which funds constitutionally due to the Consolidated Fund are diverted into a government owned company with the impressive sounding name of National Industrial Commercial and Investment Ltd (NICIL).

President’s statement does not appear to accord with the MoU

Dear Editor, In your report ‘Three hectares proposal eases mining fears’ (SN, February 12), you quote or re-state two sentences from the President’s address to miners at the Liliendaal International Convention Centre on February 11 where the reasoning does not seem to accord with the MoU which the President signed just three months ago.