Government should respect Lindeners’ constitutional rights by allowing them access to private TV and radio stations

Dear Editor, Article 146 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Guyana provides for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens and is the supreme law of the land and directs: “Except with his consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of expression, that is to say, freedom to hold opinions without interference, freedom to receive ideas and information without interference, freedom to communicate ideas and information without interference and freedom from interference with his correspondence.” By insisting on maintaining the ‘one TV station‘ practice in Linden, this government is continuing a form of oppression in relation to the people’s right to receive ideas and information, especially when no other example exists anywhere else in Guyana.

GTF Facebook initiative to be commended

Dear Editor, The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has recently launched its Competition Rules 2012-2013.Chapter 2 is headed ‘Eligibility‘; Chapter 3 ‘Anti-Doping and Medical‘; and Chapter 4 ‘Technical rules‘.

Inactive city council

Dear Editor, In your edition of January 6, Mr Roshan Khan complained about a truck causing hardship in his area over the last few weeks (‘Lorry parked in Light Street offensive to residents’).

In education there is no substitute for technical expertise

Dear Editor, Recent newspaper articles featuring Education Minister Manickchand’s “unbridled ambition towards improvement of the education sector,” and Dr Henry Jeffery’s (a former Minister of Education) contribution to the “improvement of the education sector” discussion,  ‘Parental engagement can make big difference to a child’s life chances‘ (SN, Jan 4), make interesting reading, and I take the opportunity to offer some comments.

Removal from office of a police commissioner would only arise after a finding of sufficient evidence of misbehaviour following an investigation

Dear Editor, Regrettably, again I find myself impelled to respond to another publication of the Stabroek News. On this occasion, it is the editorial of the edition published on January 9, which dealt primarily with the allegations of sexual misconduct which have been made against Police Commissioner Henry Greene, and the response of the government to these allegations. 

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