Support for Vishnu Bisram

Dear Editor, With respect to the letter written by Mr Vishnu Bisram in the SN of December 2, ‘MT Lowe  remembered differently by some,’ I write in support of Mr Bisram’s letter which is the naked truth.

Making PPP Georgetown District vibrant

Dear Editor, Recently, Eddi Rodney, elder brother of the famous Walter and Donald Rodney, penned a piece that appeared in the Mirror under the title, ‘The emergence of the meta critique of the PPP.’ In this piece, among other matters, he takes issue with me, Lionel Peters, mainly on two grounds that he terms “transcendent” and “ultra fundamentalist.” He also attempts to convey the impression that I am an unaccomplished writer whose writing lacks the “detachment vital for rigorous analysis.” I did not have to impose myself on a ‘vibrant’ PPP Georgetown District.

We all look at the past from our present

Dear Editor, In his letter, ‘The repression of the Critchlow Labour College is a serious cultural assault on the working people of all sectors’ (SN, December 4), inter alia Mr Eusi Kwayana, alludes to a discussion we have been having over the past few months.

Gov’t should emulate President Lula of Brazil

Dear Editor, President Jagdeo conferred our highest National Award on President Lula of Brazil on November 25, 2010. President Jagdeo referred to President Lula’s humble beginnings, and his rise to the presidency saying that “he is a leader of deep values, who is driven by a sincere conviction that the actions of each of us can create a better world.” Guyana’s recent Universal Periodic Review highlighted Guyana’s failure to seriously address two violations – the corporal punishment of children in schools and the failure to ensure the rights of Guyana’s gay, lesbian and transgender citizens. 

Publishing ‘irrelevant matter’

Dear Editor, Why is it that when there is something somewhere, like Diwali in the USA or some festival somewhere else, Mr Vishnu Bisram will send a letter about it to your newspaper and you will use valuable space for such irrelevant matter?