The pull of the exile families is the real factor

Dear Editor, Disturbing figures alluded to by contributor Alissa Trotz in her Stabroek News letter of Saturday, October 31, 2009, ‘How does Dr Persaud reconcile these disturbing migration figures with his claim of the growing middle class?’ referred to one indicator as “chronic and sustained human flight,” used as a factor in determining the conditions of a failed state. 10

The killing of bandits has left Guyana no more secure

Dear Editor, I read in Stabroek News (3rd Nov), Minister Rohee “pointing out that justice may be blind…that it now seems that it has to look in both directions – the side of the murder victim and to the side of the victims claiming torture.” Minister Robert Persaud referred to the GDF torture where persons were horribly burned too as “roughing up”; on the Health Ministry fire, Minister Rohee stated “those who don’t hear will feel”; he also said “we are too often concerned about the welfare of the perpetrators” and that “Guyanese are more concerned about the goodies arriving in their barrels from overseas, acquiring a house lot and their own home, than the torture of two Buxtonian men allegedly by members of the security forces.”; Police Commissioner Henry Greene asked “if a man throws hot water on you, is that torture?”;  our President himself said “I wouldn’t lose any sleep, frankly speaking, about criminals when they kill each other.” To be clear, I am not using the President’s words to suggest he condones torture.  25