Tournament Director made a wrong decision 5

Dear Editor, With reference to the recently concluded National Chess Federation Qualification Tournament, it is a sad day for the sport of chess if the decision and position taken by the Tournament Director, Mr Irshad Mohammed, is allowed to stand.

There should be an investigation into the hooliganism in Alexander Village 6

Dear Editor, According to the Guyana Chronicle of October 31, while Hindus were enjoying the Diwali celebration in keeping with tradition, thousands of people from Nabaclis, Paradise and Den Amstel invaded the Alexander Vishnu Mandir causing widespread damage, lighting firecrackers and squibs.

The world waits with bated breath 9

Dear Editor, Senator Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to political stardom may seem short to some, but his journey to the White House was undoubtedly initiated by his illustrious predecessors decades ago.

Capitalism is the only viable economic avenue 19

Dear Editor, The global financial crisis has its origins in the critical shortcomings of the capitalist system, namely the absence of guarantees by governments to monitor greed and corruption in the private sector; governments’ lack of enforcement of practical and correctly balanced regulatory interventions; and lastly, the sheer extent of government spending, even with legislative oversight.

What has happened to the steel pans acquired for Carifesta? 3

Dear Editor, On behalf of the steel pan players/group in the Linden community, especially the up and coming talented students from the Wismar Christian-burg Multilateral School, and also the young players of the Catholic Church, I ask, can someone kindly say what is the present position with regards to the $30M worth of steel pans that were acquired for Carifesta?

Pets are seriously affected by squibs and firecrackers 5

Dear Editor, Over the last few years, the authorities – especially the Guyana Police Force and the Customs and Trade Administration – have been containing the entry and purchases of squibs, firecrackers and other explosive materials used during ‘celebrations’ and on ‘festive’ occasions.

SN did cover Diwali 2

Dear Editor, It was very nice to see the coverage of Diwali in the Guyana Chronicle on October 29.

Bartica Diwali motorcade was spectacular 4

Dear Editor, Congratulation to The Indian Arrival Commemoration Committee of Bartica, Region #7 for holding a spectacular motorcade on Sunday, October  26, 2008 in Bartica.

Rice farmers can use any phosphate fertilizer; it does not have to be TSP 2

Dear Editor, I wish to comment on Mr Ramdular Singh’s letter (SN October 19) titled ‘Farmers need TSP fertilizer’ and on the response from Bissasar Chintamanie in SN on October 22 (‘The Burma Research Station deals specifically with rice research and is headed by experienced and qualified personnel’).

How did the GPL mess develop in Berbice? 13

Dear Editor, GPL blamed mechanical failure for the blackouts in Demerara and Berbice, supported by Prime Minister Sam Hinds who is always easy to convince of anything.

Some people do dumb things 2

Dear Editor, The Mafia who said “every second a fool is born” were surely on to something.

The PNCR should apologize to the Guyana Police Force for insulting their ranks 14

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to the recent statement issued by the PNCR in which it accused the Ministry of Home Affairs of justifying “the regular, unlawful arrests by the Police of young men from predominantly African Villages and their detention for several days without charge.” In the said statement the PNCR called on the Minister of Home Affairs to “apologise to the unlawfully arrested youths and their parents for such flagrant breaches of their constitutional rights.” The PNCR’s call for an apology is misplaced.

Poems were a delight 2

Dear Editor, The article in the Sunday Stabroek of October 26, captioned ‘The complex value of the word’ by Dr Ian McDonald is a refreshing piece of writing.