The Scene

Extended Linden Town Week billed for May 15 to 25

Devin Sears

Linden Town Week, billed for May 15 to 25 this year, was launched recently under the theme: ‘Reflection, Resilience, Rediscover Linden Celebrating Who We Are.’ Vybz Entertainment currently holds the Linden Town Week franchise and is collaborating with the Linden Town Council to host the ten days of activities.

Dan Jah V is one to watch

Javes Cox

Javes ‘Dan Jah V’ Cox is a Reggae/Dancehall artiste who recorded his latest single “Shaky” earlier this month in Jamaica. The 19-year-old comes across as a humble person with high aspirations.

Stock Up

Chicken-noodle Soup with homemade stock (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone, You can enrich your meals, reduce salt, and save money by making and using your own homemade stock. Stock is a flavoured cooking liquid made from meat, bones, seafood, vegetables, herbs and spices cooked in water for a period of time to extract the flavour from the ingredients used.

Fashion roundup

ASOS Dress
(55 Photography)

I haven’t been sharing too many details of my latest finds since I moved to Europe, as I am still trying to find a photographer.

Yummy homemade fries

Frying chips (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone, It is hard to resist ordering French Fries when a menu lists hand-cut fries, or house fries. For me, it conjures images of my mom standing at the stove, her lone, prized, non-stick pan filled with a little more than an inch of oil, and thick, hand-cut sticks of potatoes surrounded by bubbles from the hot oil.

Fashion: A worthwhile industry?

Michelle Obama wearing a dress by Indian-American designer Naem Khan

Over recent months, I have written a few articles covering the President and First Lady’s style. Some deemed them ‘unnecessary information,’ whilst others expressed mutual sentiments.

Max Massiah: Man of many talents

Max Massiah

Max Massiah is a man of many talents. The television host and executive producer of the Maximum Sports Combat and Strength Show is also Max the Boxing Coach/Referee/Judge, Max the Second Dan Martial Artist, Max the Artist, Max the Actor and Max the Saxophonist.