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Kimberly Niles for That Look Boutique (Styled by Chelesia Wyatt)

From That Look Boutique’s last editorial featuring Lieve Blanckaert and Kimberly Niles, I decided to select the trends that I thought were cute and questionable.

I am Jackie Jaxx

Jackie Jaxx, through the years


By Dreylan Johnson   Known for pushing musical and style boundaries, 25-year-old Guyanese singer/songwriter Jackie Jaxx, born Jackie Hanover has evolved tremendously on both fronts since she first spoke with The Scene in 2011.

End the lawlessness

A letter which appeared in the Stabroek News this week decrying the presence of two small girls in a movie theatre where an ‘R’ rated film was playing was not as shocking as it was disappointing.

Iron: An Essential Micronutrient

Lamb Curry with Potatoes (Iron + Vitamin C)  Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Hi Everyone, Last month, an article was published in Stabroek News (Friday, August 14) written by Guyana’s former Director of the Government Analyst Food & Drug Department, Marilyn Collins, titled – ‘Food Fortification & The Health of the Guyanese Population.’ In the article Ms Collins referenced the statistics of the most recent survey conducted in Guyana (in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization PAHO) on iron deficiency anaemia.

Kanye West Collection review

Kanye West designs

As fashion month swings into top gear, as usual, there is a designer who goes viral. It is either because of the designs or the Instagram worthy stage set that lands them on the popular page for lengthy periods.


On Thursday, Billboard gave props to 29-year-old Jamaican artist OMI, naming his song “Cheerleader” the ‘Song of the Summer’. This is huge for OMI, born Omar Samuel Pasley, for several reasons, chief among them being that Billboard sort of sets the tone in the American music industry.

Swinging 70s

Jumpsuit – Colours, Robb Street (Photo: 55 Photography)

I was browsing YouTube the other day and came across a video of H&M promoting the notion of re-fashioning and re-wearing the clothes in your wardrobe.