The Scene

The luxurious truth


Every year, an iconic piece invades the fashion world and becomes the ultimate must have. If you are on social media and follow fashion on the internet you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Bad publicity


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, long seen as one of the darlings of Bollywood and India for that matter, found herself in some hot water this past week after an advertisement she did for a huge Indian jewellery chain was slammed for being racist and promoting child slavery.

Scenes from rehearsals of Julius Caesar

20150425scene 1

Scenes from rehearsals of Julius Caesar starring Ajay Baksh, Mark Luke-Edwards, Sean Thompson, Michael Ignatius, Lloyda Nicholas Garrett, Nirmala Narine, Paul Budnah, Max Massiah, Kirk Jardine, Chris Gopaul, John Fraser, Luigi Ferreira, Gibran Azeez, Patrick Chanderban, Stephen Asif Mohamed, Delon Sancho, Alex Rodrigues, Masud Lewis, students of the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama and the Sacred Heart Youth Group.

More local trends


Consider this week’s article a continuation of my local finds from last week. I did a whole lot of browsing recently and I pondered a little on how we remember stores and categorize them in terms of style.