The Scene

New radio programme launched

Dennis Dummett

Hit and Jingle maker Dennis Dummett, with DWD Enterprises, launched a new radio programme yesterday. Dummett, also known as DJ Killa Milla on the radio, has produced and recorded, the famous Rossignol Butchery Jingle and “In She Eye.” The latter song was featured in the Banks Groovy Soca Monarch in 2010.

Ego goes Chutney

Quincy ‘Ego’ Lacon

R&B singer, Quincy ‘Ego’ Lacon is going Chutney on February 6 at the National Chutney Competition slated for the parking lot of the Synthetic Track, Leonora, West Coast Demerara.

The sale mentality

Crochet dress

Happy New Year to you since it’s my first column for the year! I’m back in Europe and I am currently trying to protect my wallet from the sales on steroids situation that usually follows the holiday season.

Their hair…

Sanneta Myrie

For as long as I could remember, I was always uncomfortable with my frizzy, curly hair. I remember rarely seeing models in the magazines with hair like mine when I was a little girl and I was too often made to feel that my hair was inappropriate for day-to-day looks.

Meiling’s Night Women: a recap


Today I wanted to share with you the pictures I have been promising, from Meiling’s most recent collection Night Women. Inspired by Marlon James’s book The Night Women, Meiling delivered the collection in two parts – allowing patrons to experience the influence and inspiration behind the collection before the actual unveiling of it.