Several hurt in MMC pick-up, bus collision

An accident last night involving a minibus and an MMC Security Force pick-up has left several persons nursing minor injuries. According to reports, a route 44 Ann’s Grove minibus was proceeding east along the East Coast public road when it was hit by an MMC pick-up which was travelling in a westerly direction and suddenly swung into the path of the minibus at the junction of UG road and the Rupert Craig Highway.

Mark Blackette, 40, of 14 Norton Street Wortmanville, a passenger of the minibus who sustained injuries to his right leg told Stabroek News that the driver of the pickup had the red light but drove through it and suddenly made a u-turn, directly ending up in the path of the bus. “He was driving at top speed too,” Blackette, who was seated in the front seat of the bus, added. Meanwhile, the injured passengers of the bus said that their driver was not speeding. “Thank God we driving din speeding cause we could a been dead people time like now or more serious,” they lamented.

Driver of the bus, 48-year-old Rawle Cumberbatch of Ann’s Grove Housing Scheme who sustained head injuries said that all he remembers is the pick-up coming out of no where and hitting the side of his bus.

The MMC vehicle was reported to have turned over on impact. The other victims of the accident are Leslin Wilson of Ann’s Grove who sustained injuries to her hand,  49-year-old Rodwell Kennedy and Rasheed Khalil, 25, of 33 Pigeon Island, Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara.
Aslin Graham, a MMC security guard was a passenger of the pick-up and was complaining of stomach pains.