Guyanese accused of hammering woman ordered deported from Jamaica

(Jamaica Observer) A Guyanese national who overstayed his time in the island was yesterday ordered deported after he was taken before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court for reportedly beating his Jamaican lover with a hammer.

The court was told that on June 24, 2011, Collis Duke reportedly accused the woman of being unfaithful to him and attacked her with the hammer at her Vineyard Town home in Kingston, after throwing water on the floor to prevent her from running.

Duke allegedly used the hammer to hit the woman all over her body and was also accused of punching out one of her teeth. He was subsequently arrested for assault occasioning bodily harm.

Following Duke’s arrest, it was discovered that he had arrived in Jamaica on June 2007 and was given until September 29 to leave. As a result, he was charged with overstaying.

When the matter was mentioned in court yesterday, Duke pleaded not guilty to the overstaying charge, claiming he was married to a Jamaican woman.

When questioned by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey if he had applied for citizenship in the country, he said he went to immigration and was told to return with his wife but she has since left the island.

“If she married you and take the iron bird and gone then, you have no status in the country,” Pusey told Duke.

The magistrate then ordered him to pay a fine of $5,000, or serve 10 days in prison. She also ordered that a removal order be issued for his deportation.

RM Pusey then handed down a no order ruling on the other charge.

The complainant, who had previously asked the magistrate to send Duke to his home instead of imprisoning him, was observed sitting at the back at the court wiping tears from her eyes.

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