Businessmen robbed of $4M in Conversation Tree ambush

Two businessmen are lucky to be alive and without serious injuries after they were robbed by armed bandits while transporting $4M to Georgetown.

Police in a press release said that at around 6:20 pm on Tuesday, while in a vehicle in the vicinity of Conversation Tree, Rupert Craig Highway, Danesh Boodna and Harry Jodhan were confronted by two men armed with handguns.

The release continued that the perpetrators had driven up in another vehicle alongside the victims’ vehicle and discharged rounds at the vehicle, damaging a window in the process. They then took away a bag containing the $4M and escaped.

According to one of the victims, he normally purchases groceries on credit from businesses in Georgetown, which he then transports via trucks to Baromet and Five Star in the North West District, where he would distribute the goods to stores there.

The man continued that he would then collect the money owed for the goods from the shopkeepers in the interior after which he would repay the businesses here in Georgetown.

It was while transporting the $4M to repay for groceries in Georgetown on Tuesday night that the businessman and his nephew were robbed. The man related that they had just collected the money from a friend in Bel Air and they had made a stop at the traffic light by Conversation Tree when the bandits approached from a car that was three vehicles behind them. He said that there were also three other vehicles in front of them in the line, and during the robbery they cried out for help but everyone upon seeing the guns fled the scene. In the process, he also sustained a gun butt to the head, as he had pushed his head through the window.

The still traumatized man also recalled that one of the men shot at the vehicle, which broke the window, and the sound of the gunshot caused the vehicle immediately in front of theirs to knock into their front fender. The robbery, he said, lasted a few minutes.

He also said he has no idea whether the men had been tipped off about their past and impending business transactions that night.

Following the robbery, a report was made to the police and investigations are in progress.

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