Accountant dies after minibus crashes into parked tractor

A 21-year-old man is now dead following an accident in which the bus he was travelling in collided with a parked tractor-trailer while overtaking another vehicle.

Dead is Ryan Rajkumar of Lot 78 Claybrick Road, Canal Number 2 Polder, who succumbed to his injuries on Sunday at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

According to the young man’s grandmother, Jane, on the day of the incident her grandson, an accountant at the Ministry of Forestry, arrived home from work around 5 pm and subsequently left with his friend and neighbor, Owen (only name given), the driver of the bus, to purchase Chinese food. The grieving woman said that she heard nothing more of her grandson until around 9 that night, when she received the news of the accident and that both Ryan and Owen were at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH).

Ryan, who Jane learned had been thrown out of the bus as a result of the impact, was subsequently transferred to the GPH, where he remained in an unconscious state until he succumbed on Sunday. The bus that Owen was driving, she said, is a Mahdia bus and was left on the Number 2 Canal Public Road where the incident occurred for three days before the owner took it away. She said the police made no effort to remove the bus.

This newspaper understands that Owen is still a patient at the WDRH and his condition up to press time yesterday was unknown. Ryan resided with his grandmother after his mother died when he was a little boy. His funeral takes place today.

Police in a press release have said that investigations are continuing into the matter.

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