Malaria not under control in Saxacalli

Dear Editor,
Here in Saxacalli malaria is never under control, for instance during last year only two homes were not hit by this dreaded disease.  For this year we have had many cases already.  Although our health post is manned by a health worker trained to diagnose malaria, the post does not have the necessary microscope.  I am told that a microscope costs one and a half million dollars, and is well worth the price if it can save just one life.

Another need is the unit to test blood sugar. Although we have many diabetes patients, we have to wait one whole month, for testing when a team comes all the way from the West Demerara hospital, but, as in this present month we will not have a visit, so diabetics will not have a testing for two months.

Another chronic problem is the shortage of drugs.

Guyanese all over the country are urged to make full use of health centres and posts, but because of a lack of equipment and drugs they are forced to resort to the hospitals.

Why spend so much money to build these centres, train personnel and then fail to equip? This makes no sense. Our health worker is doing her best, but because of a lack of equipment and drugs her hands are tied.

Whenever I  hear the Minister of Health say that malaria is under control, I am inclined to have a good laugh, but “laff story fuh small boy ah death to crapo”.  We at Saxacalli do not need a Marriott but a microscope.

Yours faithfully,
E C Lobert

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