Essequibo police officer behaved unprofessionally

Dear Editor,

I am writing to bring to your attention the behaviour of a police officer on the Essequibo Coast.  On the 21st of June, 2013 at approximately 11.23am on the Essequibo public road, I was pulled over by a female traffic rank who came to me and did her routine checks and gave me a ticket for failing to exhibit my certificate of fitness.  I then made a phone call home to find out if the above-mentioned document was mistakenly left at home.  During my conversation on the phone another male traffic rank approached me and started shouting at me in the most blatant manner saying that I must drive up because there was another vehicle behind me.

As I was just going to pull a little more in the corner he started shouting at me again saying that if I keep the phone to my ear he would charge me again, so I decided not to pull in the corner and stayed where I was,  telling him that I cannot drive while conversing on my phone, but he still kept on shouting at me.  I asked him why he was shouting at me, and if that’s the way he talks to people because I am not an animal, but that still didn’t change his tone.  Is it because of my humble and innocent behaviour to him that I was being handled in this manner by this rank?  If that is the way police officers behave towards ordinary civilians then it means they don’t have any training.  It’s embarrassing for the public to see how very unprofessional and unethical some police officers are in the way they perform their duties.

Yours faithfully,
Raoul Nauth       

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