People should stop dumping garbage at the corner of Sheriff Street and Drury Lane

Dear Editor,


This letter is a heart-rending appeal to residents and businesses located in Drury Lane and Sheriff Street and surrounding areas, to desist from dumping garbage in Drury Lane where it adjoins Sheriff Street. Over a period of time this dumping of garbage developed into a dumpsite covering that entire section of Drury Lane, totally blocking any entrance or exit from the lane.

Children attending New Campbellville School which stands at the corner of Sheriff and Drury Lane must endure this unhealthy environment and very importantly, those children who live in areas west of the school cannot use this lane and are forced to use the very busy Sheriff Street. Persons attending St Teresa’s Church – the young and the old ‒ cannot use this lane to enter or leave the church.

The church has used various strategies to assist in controlling this dumpsite.

The church’s gardener who gives great assistance in our efforts at reducing this dumpsite, has even had to dispose of dead dogs thrown in the garbage.

Just over two weeks ago a team led by a member of St Teresa’s Parish coordinated by a priest and with the assistance of some residents and the support of several corporate agencies did a tremendous clearing of this dumpsite with the hope of restoring the lane to its original state. Considerable effort was put into this exercise and we were very grateful to all who participated in it.

Editor, low and behold, a few days ago I actually encountered a man dumping his garbage on the newly cleared area. I stopped and asked him to desist from emptying his garbage there. He responded with a gesture that made me drive away as quickly as I could.


I am sure that I speak for many by pleading with persons to desist from rebuilding this dumpsite.

Use your garbage containers. Show some concern for the schoolchildren and the presence of the church.


Yours faithfully,
Yvonne Stephenson

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