Top softball teams in action this weekend

The country’s top softball teams will battle for the Wolf’s Furniture Store softball title when the tournament bowls off Friday at the Banks DIH Limited Thirst Park ground.

Some of the teams who have registered for the tournament include Amrol’s X1, Speedboat, Farm, Trophy Stall, Regal, Challengers and Wolf’s Warriors in the open category while Bel Air Rubis, Parika Defenders and Regal are sure starters in the over-40 matches.

The event has already been boosted with sponsorship from Banks DIH Limited, Trophy Stall, Saphie’s Lumber, Mampie’s Furniture, Nadesh’s Welding and Royco’s Furniture. The final is set for Sunday.

Teams can gain entry to this tournament by paying an entrance fee of $20,000. Winners of this event will receive trophies and cash incentives for their performances. For more information interested teams can contact Imran Hussain (Wolf) on 268-3914/647-2884 or Samuel Kingston on 614-9536 for more information.

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