Hadfield St residents not put out by side effects of D’Urban Park works

Although construction work at the D’Urban Park has left a section of the Hadfield Street roadway uneven and muddied, residents are understanding at the effects that have come with the works.

A muddied section of Hadfield Street outside D’Urban Park
A muddied section of Hadfield Street outside D’Urban Park

Terrence Wright, who is employed at a taxi service located along Hadfield Street, speaking on behalf of the other drivers, stated that they had no problem with the current road conditions as they understood the magnitude of the work being done. He added that they were in support of the project as it constituted development for their neighbourhood, while noting that there could be no progress without effects.

Janice Grant, born and raised at her residence located just opposite the Park, said too that she had no problem with the condition of the road. According to Grant, she had accepted what had come with the construction works as she was optimistic for the view that was promised with the finished product, which she was told would be delivered within a few months. Her only complaint was the amount of dust she now has to deal with in her home, which affects her regular cleaning schedule and has forced her to cover up her ornaments.

Her friend, Wendy Charles, who lives some houses down the street and was present there at the time, stated that “you have to embrace the changes,” to which Grant added, “for better or for worse.”

A non-resident who was at the home of her aunt, said she believed the road was much better now than before, but needed some tar and grading. The view at the moment, she said, is great.

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